Why Rhythm Kids?

Rhythm Kids (also called Drum Like an Animal for preschool-age children) is a dynamic and innovative program that was created by our very own Tom Foote. After Music Together® classes and before a child is ready for private lessons, Rhythm Kids is the next step in a child's musical development. This program helps children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives. Focused on a culture of play and discovery, children (ages 4 to 10) learn multicultural music, rhythms, movement and drumming all while they HAVE FUN!

Rhythm Kids offers a wide variety of programs including; classes, school workshops, cultural enrichment programs, corporate events, parties and music for special occasions. Once a child is ready to move on and take a class of their very own (without a parent--sorry, they grow up), Rhythm Kids is the place to learn and grow musically. It is a great foundation for further instrument studies, dance and even sports. Rhythm Kids teachers help guide children to discover their own sense of rhythm and help each student strengthen, and build on their natural ability.

During A Rhythm Kids Class Kids Will: 

  • Learn a different "animal rhythm" each session
  • Explore a series of sequential and success-based hand drumming patterns
  • Experience traditional and adapted rhythms from around the world
  • Be given opportunities to create, cooperate and express themselves
  • Discover concepts of soloing, composition, improvisation
  • Learn to cooperate, move to the beat and help invent fun, music-based games
  • Plus a whole lot more...where was this when I was a kid?!?
Local Rhythm Kids Locations:
A complete list of classes can be found on the Rhythm Kids web site

Can Preschoolers Attend?

Rhythm Kids, like Music Together, can be adapted to suit children ages 3-5. We call this our "Drum Like an Animal" class and it involves drumming, singing, dancing and age appropriate, but equally as fun, music games. We do recommend bringing water to our drumming/music classes as they are known to be quite active!


"My son, presently a fourth grader, has taken the Rhythm Kids drum class since Kindergarten. Each session he learns something new and remains as excited  about music and the class as the day he started. This has been an incredibly positive musical experience and real confidence builder for my child." Cindy, Weston, MA